Teaching Music in Doncaster

We’re always getting asked what we get up to in the week, when we’re not performing. Well, after sleeping in on Monday morning to aid in recovery from the weekend’s gigs, and around band rehearsals and other band related meet ups, most of us teach music in the week. Aha, yes… more music!

Teaching music

One of our main haunts is over at Amped Up Music Academy a modern, performance based teaching facility in Doncaster. At Amped Up we have the luxury of teaching kids what we do, basically – performing! Most of the lessons at Amped Up are based around playing in a live band, so it’s great to be able to put the skills we spent our own childhoods learning to use and pass on a little bit of musical knowledge to the next generation of musicians.

Amped Up actually offer a free one to one lesson for new students, so if you’ve ever been interested in learning a instrument yourself…. Ah, don’t say you’ve never thought about it!

We teach all sorts of instruments over there, between us. It’s all based around live band instruments like guitar, drums, bass, vocals etc. There are some great courses where you get to learn and develop your skills on an instrument over a 10 week period, then perform with a band or play a live gig at the end.

Lessons for life

We have the most fun teaching the ‘Band Academy’ performance lessons, just because that’s what we do ourselves, week in, week out. Being able to transform the young musicians there from shy, shoe-gazing kids into glistening rock stars that move around the stage like seasoned professionals is what it’s all about. It kind of goes beyond music and dives into teaching kids how to be confident and believe in themselves.

Kids who like football go to football practice, kids who like dancing go to a dance school, kids who like music don’t always have somewhere to go. It’s great that there’s a ‘home of music’ for the budding rock stars out there to hone their skills and share their experience with others who have a similar interest – that’s definitely something I’m sure we all wish we had when we were young (instead of those horribly boring music lessons at school!).

So… if you fancy a music lesson with one of us, you know where to go!

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